The Centre makes financial sense.

Supporting the arts has significant economic benefits. These benefits extend far beyond just the price of admission. Those taking part in the arts also support local restaurants, shops, lodging and more.

It’s estimated that every attendee of an arts event generates an average of $25.00 worth of economic activity over and above the price of the ticket. Tourists spend nearly $40.00 above the cost of admission.

In its Strategic Plan, Fort Erie Town Council identified boosting tourism as an important priority. The addition of the Centre will make a significant contribution towards that goal.

The Centre builds community.

Sure, it involves bricks and mortar. But, at its heart, the Fort Erie Centre for the Arts will be a place where you and your family come together with your friends and neighbours.

Quality time together and shared experiences help bond families together and create strong connections. Whether it’s a play, a movie, a lecture series or some other event, the Centre for the Arts will help families create lasting memories of time together.

Best of all, those experiences and those memories will be made right here in Fort Erie, our home. Embracing Greatness means taking steps to continue building Fort Erie as a vibrant community with much to offer; building a place where our children and grandchildren will be proud to raise their families one day.


Building the centre for the arts
will help build a stronger Fort Erie


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